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Event Horizon Media produces a brand new podcast Guys With Guts.

The show brings you stories about people who, willingly or not, have had to  stand up to challenging situations in their lives. 
 Stories about courage, passion, and will, the human powers which assist you to face any life invitations demanding you to find your guts.

Radek R. Kasa

Radek R. Kasa


Guys with guts

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The Irish on The Nose

In this pilot episode, we were lucky enough to sit down with three Irish climbers to hear out their experience form big-wall climbing.

Paul Collins, Martin Dunne and Calvin Torrans walk us through how it is to climb  The Nose, a 3000 feet tall route, which often gets the moniker of the most spectacular climb on this planet.

Calvin was the first Irish person who climbed this route in 1978. Paul and Martin negotiated it in October last year.